All the happy things

All the happy things

Speaking of many big and important things in my posts lately, I decided that it’s time to step back and relax. Even though I love exploring mind-related topics, thinking about mind-blowing concepts, doing the research and writing about them, for now I feel like it’s time to just chill. Let this post represent a little thank you to all the things that make me smile, and hopefully make you smile, too.


Let me start with a big, big thank you to my absolute favouritest thing in the world. Lavender essential oil. My holy grail. My precious. Literally, from the first day I tried it (it was during a yoga class, I think?), it completely changed the game for me. It’s incredible. And you can use it in sooo many different ways, which is mind blowing, too.

I have been using this tiny bottle of lavender oil for a couple of months now, and as you can see on the cute picture I took, barely any gone. Can you even imagine? Efficient and sexy.

Let’s start with the way in which I use the lavender essential oil the most. I have discovered and came up with the best bath-water recipe ever and it’s gonna blow your mind when you try it. It’s incredible, how adding only 10 drops of the oil can change anything so radically. Like Felix Felicis, lavender alters your bath experience significantly. From laying there uncomfortably and soaking in boiling hot water, all whilst staring at the ceiling because there’s nothing better to do, to feeling like a woman from all them bubble bath and leg-shaving commercials, divine and sleek, smiling all the way. I cannot imagine a bath without it, and I cannot stress enough about how crazy good it can make you feel. It cleanses your mind and your body, it helps you breathe, relax, unwind, it hydrates your skin, it calms your brain, and seriously, since I started using it, I have never not used the lavender oil in my bath.

Apart from adding the liquid happiness to your bath to feel like the goddess of bubbles, and make your evening divine AF, I discovered that lavender essential oil also works in other areas of our lives. If you can’t sleep, pop one or two drops on your pillow and on your wrists, like a perfume. Headache? Massage a tiny bit into your temples and the back of your neck. I also find it helpful with stress and anxiety. If you have troubles breathing, due to cold, stuffy nose and all that, put the tiniest bit under your nose, above your upper lip. Silly, I know, but it helps so so so much. Also, if you’re into yoga, after making your room look cosy and putting some relaxing, mindfulness playlist on, massage a bit of lavender oil on the back of your neck or squeeze a drop or two on your yoga mat. Couldn’t relax more, even if you tried.


If you’ve ever met any basic white girl*, you won’t be surprised by this one. Candles. Candles make everything better. Way better. From the smallest tea lights to the fat-ass chunky jars filled with wonderfully smelling wax, I have gathered quite a collection and I must say I am nowhere near ashamed. There is something magical about staring at the flame, or even having one tiny spark flickering somewhere next to you, whatever it is that you’re doing. I think if I searched the web deep enough, I believe I would be able to find some scientific research stating that candles are essential for maintaining your mental health – and, hands down, I wholeheartedly believe that they are.


* – kidding, of course everybody is allowed to love candles no matter what race and gender. 🙂



Another amazing thing about candles, is that if you finish one, after grieving over a loss of such precious item, you can re-use the candle-holders-pots for other things. Most of them come in very pretty packaging, so why not refurbish them and give something else a cute home? My new best friend, potted basil Betty now lives in the rose-gold glass candle holder, and she’s not complaining! And a couple of shells I found during my trip to Brighton (and completely fell in love with that city then) now look very cute in an old embellished glass jar, which purpose was to store a small candle – not anymore!


Right as I was taking pictures of my basil Betty, just to have another cute-and-overflowing-with-fairy-lights-pic to insert here (and to show off the gorgeous rose-gold glass candle holder for previous paragraph), and since this post was meant to be devoted to all the things that make me happy, I decided I cannot conclude this post without praising my little basil plant too. Basil is my obsession. The smell, the taste, the colour – I love it just as much as the lavender oil, and use it most of the time when cooking (when appropriate, obviously).

By the way, even though I was never a fan of plants (because I can’t take proper care of them and they die straight away, pretty much), I keep Betty the basil in my bedroom, on the window seal right by my bed. I decided to try my luck (and test them plant-watering skills; hold tight, Betty) and keep her here. And since the moment I allocated her around two candles and two or three of my favourite books, the room changed completely. It’s funny, how one tiny green plant can change the atmosphere so drastically. I honestly feel happier and content-ier, and I think she enjoys my company, too.



And I could write about it all on and on and on. There’s so many happy things I would love to share with everybody, but since I’m confident I could write a 600 pages novel about that, I’ll stop myself here. 🙂 I hope this brought smile and a bit of happiness to your heart, because it definitely did it for me – and I can’t stop looking at the photos I took! Also, in the next one (all them happy things vol. 2, perhaps?) I need to write about fairy lights, since I’ve got about 5-8 sets making my room look cosy every evening (again, not ashamed).

So, thank you for stopping by. Remember to look for small things that bring you happiness – because it’s those small things that matter! Hope you’ll have an amazing week!


Agnes x