Start before you’re ready

Start before you’re ready

If you could do, be or have anything in the world, what would it be?

May is, hands down, one of the toughest and the most stressful months in the whole academic year. Billions of projects, assignments, exams, word counts impossible to meet, and the time passing by. Stress levels are insane, sleep and rest are now some wild concepts from a planet far away, the library is overflowing with people, and every brain, instead of I’ve still got time, is now filled with a quiet fucking hell, when the dreadful dates are approaching faster than everyone expected.

I have been chatting to my friend a few days ago. It was a one cosy evening, when I was “trying” to write my essay. We talked, we laughed, exchanged stupid videos and memes, gossiped and giggled as if there was no tomorrow. Approaching deadlines had my brain completely fried, and as I’ve already written one hundred words (wow, so much, bravo me) out of those two thousand I was meant to write, I decided I deserve a break from all this productivity and constant focus, because I worked so hard for the past couple of minutes. I did, right?

As the chit-chat went on and on, and the number of words did not get any closer to two thousand, I realised something that opened my eyes. A few minutes ago, I looked at the clock – four. Now, I looked again – it was eight, and it hit me hard, it overwhelmed me. It was so nice to spend time with a friend, and relax, and procrastinate, and as much as I enjoyed it, it was just another minute (or rather, a few hours) spent with a dumb smile on. Time wasted, gone forever – never to be retrieved. As I was waiting for the inspiration to pop into my mind, for the that moment to come, for the right words to fill the blankness of the page before me, the time passed by. I didn’t do what I had to do (again), because I didn’t know what to say, and the words just wouldn’t work together. There were no words.


And then I started writing. Storming. Running a marathon and ignoring the nonsense I was leaving behind, I was rushing to the finishing line – to hitting the magic word count. I let go of trying to build a perfect sentence, to deliver a perfect message, to make it perfect. I let go of trying to take a perfect picture, to draw a perfectly winged cat-eye, and hitting the high note in that one song clearly, perfectly. I let go of perfection and it was the best thing I could do in that moment. Perfection is the enemy of progress, so they say. And I think it’s true.

It’s never going to be just the right time. We are never going to be ready, we will never be wise, fast, strong, creative and good enough. We will never have all the necessary skills and resources. Never – if we keep be waiting for something that will never come. It sounds so devastating, so demotivating. Suddenly, we think, what’s the point then? I can’t do that yet. I can’t go there yet. I can’t be that yet. Impossible.

And we are waiting.

As soon as I realised that, I felt better. Better and stronger. And more appropriate. More talented. More creative. I knew I wasn’t ready, but I was. More ready than ever. I felt free. And that’s the point. The point is to never be ready. The point is that any moment is the perfect one to begin, to start, to write your story. If you want it, you can do it. If you want it, you just have to reach out there and take whatever it is that you want. And go for it. Because why not? What’s there to lose? If we succeed, we will benefit. If we fail, we will learn a lesson.

Sometimes I’m stuck in this moment of “meh” and feel like I’m getting lost again. I slow down, the dumb smile is back on, my brain somehow turns off and it feels like I’m going to forget what I’ve been working on, forever. Regardless, I somehow always manage to get back on top. I’m looking for small reminders, to remember what I’m doing it all for. It could be my friend saying start before you’re ready, a video or blog post made by someone successful, an inspiring quote, an empowering movie that I love, or a good book – teeny tiny things, that make my heart and brain race again, and focus my attention back on the track.




Apart from all the small things that put me back in a good mood and the productive state of mind, the feeling of accomplishment is my definite favourite. There’s nothing better than crossing things off the list, overcoming the obstacles, achieving goals, plans, or even the smallest daily tasks. It’s like a drug, that makes you feel so powerful, so ready to go and to run, towards the better you. Knowing how awesome it feels, I sometimes wonder, why are we not doing what pleases us, why are we not working on our goals, on the tasks and plans, if the feeling of achievement is so great? Why won’t we keep pushing forward and conquer?

I’ve been there. And I know we’ve all been there. Sometimes on top of the world, sometimes under the heaviest of all clouds. Regardless of our “now”, we need to remember what we’re doing it all for, so here are 3 tips on how to get things done:

Let go of the perfect. If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Perfection is an enemy of the progress, so instead of trying to get everything done in the first try, just go with whatever you can create and worry about perfecting it later.

Start before you’re ready. You are never going to be 100% ready, and the right moment will never come. It’s all in your hands, so if you want it, you just have to do it. There’s no better time than NOW to achieve and conquer. It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise.

Remember what you’re fighting for. If you ever feel lost again, if you will ever a little “meh” moment, a tiny list reminders will come in handy. Write down everything that keeps you going – good grades at the University? Dream Job? Losing weight? Running a marathon, or maybe even becoming an astronaut? C’mon, write them all down. And remember what you’re fighting for.


We did not wake up to today be mediocre.


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